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About the Department




According to the Presidential Decree 118/24-4-2003, published in the State Gazette no. 102/5-5-2003, at the Department of Philology we teach and research the following topics in two thematic units (a. Classical Philology, b. Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology): Greek language and literature, Latin language and literature, Modern Greek language and literature, Historical and Theoretical Linguistics, and Philosophical Theories which have had a significant impact on the above.  Moreover, the Department of Philology prepares students for their academic and professional career. The Department of Philology offers postgraduate courses in relevant areas of knowledge, as well as contributing to the study of the impact of the Byzantine tradition on Greek and European civilization, in addition to examining those elements of the Modern Greek Civilization which are currently defining its international character.

The Department of Philology aims to combine traditional courses with modern approaches which are not being taught in any Greek department of Philology at present.  For instance, some of them include the following: special teaching methods for philological courses, special teaching methods for multicultural education, special teaching methods for children with special needs, and computer-assisted software applications in philological research.


The members of the Department’s teaching staff enjoy international recognition (positive reviews, references, publications in refereed periodicals with a high impact factor, membership in Organizing Committees of international conferences and international boards, top-class papers in international conferences.  The Department, moreover, boasts of the pioneering Research Center of Byzantine Culture, the Technology Lab, in which students learn the application of technology to the humanities, as well as the Papyrology and Palaeography Center.  It should be noted that such topics as Teaching Strategies for children with special needs, Child and Teenage Psychology and Intercultural Education, Introduction to Computer Science and Computer-Assisted Language Teaching are essential in a Department of Philology.  It is remarkable that the Department of Philology at the University of the Peloponnese is the only one in this country that offers the above courses.




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