Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops


Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops



International Conference «Ματιγυρεύουνοιψυχέςμαςταξιδεύοντας;Αναζητήσειςκαιαγωνίεςτωνελλήνωνλογοτεχνώντουμεσοπολέμου (1918-1939)» in honour of Oxford University Emeritus Professor Peter Mackridge (Kalamata, Thursday, 18 and Friday, 19 May 2017). Proceedings published in Elena Koutrianou and Elli Philokyprou (eds.), Ματιγυρεύουνοιψυχέςμαςταξιδεύοντας;Αναζητήσεις και αγωνίες των ελλήνων λογοτεχνών του μεσοπολέμου, Τιμητικός τόμος για τον Peter Mackridge, Nefeli, Athens 2018.


International Conference «Φιλία στην Αρχαία Ελληνική Λογοτεχνία και Πρόσληψη» (27-28/04/17).


International Conference “Poet and Orator: A Symbiotic Relationship in Democratic Athens” (21-24 October 2015). The conference proceedings are due to be published in the “Trends in Classics” series (Walter de Gruyter).


One-Day Workshop on Modern Greek History (13/11/2014).


One-Day Workshop on Ethics, Politics, and Education (15/06/2014).


International Conference “Social Values in Greek Literature” in honour of Emeritus Professor Georgia Xanthaki-Karamanou (29-31 May 2014). Proceedings published in E. Volonaki and V. Konstantinopoulos (eds.), (2016) Κοινωνικές και Πολιτισμικές Αξίες στην Ελληνική Γραμματεία από την Αρχαϊκή έως την Βυζαντινή περίοδο, Πλάτων vol. 60


One-Day Workshop on Papyrology and Palaeography (29/11/2013).


International Conference “The Cultural Significance of the Battle of Marathon: Historical, Archaeological, and Literary Sources” (7-10 October 2010). The proceedings have been published in the Bulletin the Institute of Classical Studies 124 (2013), University of London.


International symposium “Narratology in Greek and Latin Literature” (30/5/2013). The proceedings have been published in Πλάτων59 (2013-2014).


One-Day Workshop on Dramatic Poetry and Attic Oratory (22/5/2013). The proceedings have been published in Πλάτων59 (2013-2014).


International symposium on Oratory and Rhetoric in Classical Athens (20/5/2011). The proceedings have been published in Πλάτων58 (2012-2013).


Conference on Greek Language and Classical Education (20-21/5/2007).


One-Day Workshop on Modern Ethical Issues (12/05/2007).


One-Day Workshop on the Modern Greek Novelist Andonis Samarakis (4/11/2006).


One-Day Workshop on the Hero of the Greek War of Independence Ioannis Makriyannis (2006).






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