The Mission



The mission of the Department of Philology is as follows:


  • To cultivate and produce aptitude of ancient, Byzantine and modern literature, linguistics and Ancient Greek Philosophy.


  • To produce aptitude of the Greek language in its evolution from antiquity to present day and its effects on modern European languages.


  • To offer students the required tools which will ensure their ability for their academic and professional career.


  • To organize postdoctoral studies for the achievement of academic professionals with specialized knowledge on specific fields of the Department.




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University of the Peloponnese

Faculty of Humanities and Cultural Studies

Department of Philology

Anatoliko Kentro - Palaio Stratopedo

Kalamata, 24100

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Fax: +3027210 - 65112

Hours of Operation

Monday - Wednesday - Thursday 09:00 a,m, - 13:00 p.m.

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