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The School of Humanities and Cultural Studies of the University of Peloponnese, in collaboration with the Pammessinian Federation of the United States and Canada, and with the support of various Municipalities of Messenia, organizes every summer in Kalamata the Summer School for young Messenians (mainly) expatriates, students at various Colleges and Universities, aged 18 to 24. The Summer School has been working for fourteen years since 2005 until today. The Summer School is now an institution that is supported by the local society and organizations, as well as the University itself.

The lessons taught are for one hundred and ten (110) hours and are: Modern Greek Language, Modern Greek History and Culture. The lecturers are specialized Professors of the School of Humanities and Cultural Studies of the University of Peloponnese. Learning Greek is done at three (3) levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

The teaching is done with modern audiovisual means and pedagogical methods suitable for young people of the homogeneity. The School Programme includes educational trips to archaeological sites, museums, cultural centres and attractions. The aim of the Summer School is to learn Greek Language, Greek History and Hellenic Culture and to engage young Diaspora with modern Greek society, customs and life, music, dance and various aspects of socio-economic interest.

It is worth noting that educational visits and field lessons took place in archaeological and other places during all the programs of the Summer School for Young Greeks. The sites of the visits are: Pylos, Ancient Messina, Mystras, Mycenae, Epidaurus (watching theatre ancient Greek play), Ancient Olympia, Acropolis and New Acropolis Museum, Kalamata Military Museum, Kalamata Archaeological Museum, Kalamata Historical and Folklore Museum, Costa Navarino, Taygetos, Messinian Mani, Historic Town of Kalamata, Kyparissia, Byzantine Temples and Monasteries of Kalamata.

The ultimate goal of the effort is to make these young people ambassadors of Greek culture in their countries of residence and to enhance their Greek identity. To date, dozens of young expatriates and teachers have taken part in the programme, from the US, Canada, Uruguay, Australia, Germany, Russia and Ukraine.




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