The Department of Philology aims:

to cultivate and produce knowledge about classical, Byzantine and modern Greek philology, linguistics and Ancient Greek philosophy;

to produce knowledge of the Greek language throughout its history from antiquity to the present day and its adoption in modern European languages;

to provide male and female students with the necessary supplies that ensure their proper training for an academic and professional career and

to organize postgraduate studies that lead to the training of academics with specialized knowledge in particular subjects of the Department.

Headquarters / Location

The Department of Philology of the Faculty of Humanities and Cultural Studies is based in Kalamata. Kalamata, a city of 53,041 inhabitants, is the second most populous city in the Peloponnese after Patras. It is an important urban, financial and commercial center of the region, as well as the administrative centre of the Prefecture of Messinia. It has an intense nightlife in winter and summer – in the winter in the historic centre, while in the summer by the sea. Another eight Departments of the University of the Peloponnese are located in Kalamata. The city has complete and modern sports facilities, where everyone can play sports. Finally, it has a new, modern Hospital, as well as an international airport.

More: http://www.kalamata.gr/

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