In the link of the Student Affairs of the University of the Peloponnese one will find various announcements, supporting documents and issues that concern each student, e.g. Feeding, Healthcare, etc.


University students are provided with free health care provided that it is not given to them by another insurance company or organization. The medical care covers the time span of the years of study required to obtain the degree increased by two (2) years. For the provision of the health care booklet of the University of the Peloponnese, students should contact the Department’s Secretary.

Required documents:

Reliable declaration of Law 1599/1986, that they wish the health care of the University of the Peloponnese and are not insured by another insurance company or organization.

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On the conditions, procedures, supporting documents and time limits for free meals, which apply for each academic year, get full information on the website:


A Housing Allowance of 1,000 euros is granted to undergraduate students (first cycle), provided they meet the conditions and submit the relevant supporting documents in accordance with the prescribed application process.

Information: Administration of academic and student matters, Department of Student Affairs, Vasileos kon/nou & Terzaki 21, Nafplio, PO Box 21100 e-mail: Tel. 2752.96125-26-30 (Related legislation: Y.A No. 2.19525/0026/2013 (FEK 393 B΄)).


Application – Reliable Declaration of the beneficiary*. (If the application is submitted by a person other than the beneficiary, a simple authorization is required.)

  • Certificate of Studies issued by the Department of Studies. (In order to receive the student housing allowance, a student should have been successfully examined in at least half of the courses provided for in the indicative curriculum of the two previous corresponding semesters or the previous year of study, except for the first year for which only a certificate of registration is required.)
  • Copy of the income tax clearance note of the previous tax year (previous year’s income) or tax return of the beneficiary*, if the clearance note has not been issued at the time of submitting the application. The annual family income of the previous tax year (income of the previous year) must not exceed the amount of €30,000, increased by €3,000 for each protected child beyond one. (The Income for the imposition of the Solidarity Contribution, which is indicated in point C2, line 7 of the Settlement note, is considered to be the annual family income.)
  • Cypriot students will present a Tax Certificate, with the previous year income of both their parents, issued by the Internal Revenue Department of the Ministry of Finance of their country. The annual family income, for Cypriot students, cannot exceed the amount of thirty thousand (30,000) euros, regardless of protected children.
  • Photocopy of bank account (in IBAN format) of the beneficiary* Copies of Asset Status Statements (E9), of the previous tax year, of the beneficiary*, the spouse and all the protected members, accompanied by a reliable declaration, in which the beneficiary will confirm the accuracy and completeness of the information entered. (In the event that they do not own real estate and do not submit an E9 form, they will provide a relevant declaration). They must not be owners or beneficiaries of houses and apartments that exceed 200 sq.m., with the exception of those located in a Municipality or Local Community with a population of less than 3,000 inhabitants. This exception must be proven with a relevant Certificate issued by the Municipality or the Local Community.
  • Cypriot students will present a Certificate from the Municipal or Community Authority of their country and a Reliable Declaration, deemed to be the genuineness of the signature, regarding the non-existence of other residences than those expressly stated in the Certificate. Certificate of marital status of the beneficiary*.
  • Certificate of permanent student residence. (Granted by the Municipality of the student’s permanent residence.)
  • Reliable Declaration of Law 1599/86 of the beneficiary* stating: “I have not collected nor will I collect the student housing allowance acc. year …….., for the same year, another time”.
  • Proof of Submitting a Declaration of Information on Leasing Real Estate (home) located at the place of study and in a city other than the student’s main residence, in which city his/her parents or he/she does not have full ownership or usufruct of another residence.
  • Copy of ID or Passport (applies to Cypriot Students).

*beneficiary is considered: a) the parent, in whose statement the student appears as a protected member, b) the student himself/herself if he/she:

  • is an orphan of both parents,
  • his parents are foreign residents,
  • is over 25 years old,
  • is liable to submit a tax return and
  • is not a protected member.

CONTACT with students of the Philology Department:


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