Career Office

The main objective of the Career Office is to facilitate the fruitful acquaintance and contact of young people with the modern and competitive educational and professional world environment.

On this basis, it supports young people:

  1. to manage and plan their educational and professional career,
  2. to lead them to a conscious and effortless personal choice of subject and study, and
  3. to develop at every level staff, professional and social skills.

These services are provided by the Career Office in collaboration with the Academic Career Officers of the Departments of the University of the Peloponnese through individual counselling (by phone, e-mail or by personal meeting remotely or in person) and group counselling (via group workshops and informative meetings).


Liaison Office, University of the Peloponnese

Postal Address: Vas. Konstantinou 21, 21100 Nafplio, Greece

Phone: 27520 96126, 27520 96130



Academic Career Officer of the Department of Philology:

Maria Xesternou, Tenured Assistant Professor

E-mail: /

Student reception hours by the Academic Career Officer:

Every Thursday, 17.00-18.00

Members of the Department of Philology’s Career Office committee:

Assistant Professor Vassilios Liotsakis, e-mail:

Assistant Professor Georgia Fragaki, e-mail:

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