The Department of Philology of the University of the Peloponnese in collaboration with the Pan-Messinian Federation of America and Canada and with the support of various Messinian Municipalities has organized in Kalamata a Summer School for young Messinians (mainly) expatriates, aged 18 to 24, from 2006 to 2019. The courses taught lasted one hundred and ten (110) hours and are as follows: Greek Language, Greek History and Greek Culture. The teachers were specialized Professors of the Faculty of Humanities and Cultural Studies of the University of the Peloponnese.

The teaching of the Greek Language was held at two (2) levels, the one for beginners and the second for advanced. The teaching was carried out with modern audio-visual means and pedagogical methods suitable for young people of the community. The Summer School Programme included educational trips to archaeological sites, museums, cultural centers and attractions. The aim of the Summer School was the learning of the Greek Language, Greek History and Greek Culture and the contact of the young people of the diaspora with modern Greek society. It is worth noting that educational visits and on-site courses were held in archaeological and other sites during the six programs of the Summer School for young people from diaspora. The locations visited were: Pylos, Ancient Messina, Mystras, Mycenae, Epidaurus (watching a play), Ancient Olympia, Acropolis and New Acropolis Museum, Military Museum of Kalamata, Archaeological Museum of Kalamata, Historical and Folklore Museum of Kalamata, Nafplion, Costa Navarino, Taygetos, Messinian Mani, Historical city of Kalamata, Kyparissia, Byzantine Temples and Monasteries of Kalamata. The ultimate goal of the effort was for these young people to become ambassadors of Greek culture in their countries of residence and to strengthen their Greek identity. To date, dozens of young expats and teachers from the USA, Canada, Uruguay, Australia, Germany, Russia and Ukraine have taken part in the programme and have kept contact with the Professors from the Department of Philology and the friends they made during the programme.

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